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Promotional Sweets and Drinks are quite possibly the best promotional merchandise give away product thats guaranteed to be accepted with open arms and a smile and that must be the best way to start your advertising campaign. Promotional chocolate, branded mints, personalised rock, bags of sweets, printed bottles of water, retro sweets, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to confectionary printed merchandise and personalised drinks. Be it during a seasonal time like Easter or Christmas Promotional Sweets are one of the most versatile ways to promote and a classic ice breaker when visiting or meeting new clients, great for trade shows, exhibitions, on business counters or at restaurants and hotels, the use for promotional chocolate, branded sweets, promotional drinks is endless.

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  • Promotional Mint Cards (184794)

    Promotional Mint Cards containing approximately 50…

    Minimum order   250

  • Rectangle Mint Tins (191458)

    Promotional Rectangle Mint Tins made from lightweight…

    Minimum order   100

  • Bottled Drinking Water 330ml (100051)

    Promotional Bottled Drinking Water 330ml, fresh pure,…

    Minimum order   72

  • Bottled Drinking Water 500ml (100005)

    Promotional bottled drinking water 500ml is bottled…

    Minimum order   96

  • Labelled Tea Bags (189097)

    Promotional Labelled Tea Bags have photo quality printed…

    Minimum order   250

  • Printed Lollies (401122)

    Printed Lollies with great fruit flavours! These Personalised…

    Minimum order   250

  • Sweet Buckets (187676)

    Printed Sweet Buckets filled with a delicious choice…

    Minimum order   50

  • Personalised Wrapped Sweets (187160)

    Personalised Wrapped Sweets, a hard-boiled sweet in…

    Minimum order   25

  • Click Mint Tins (192327)

    Personalised Click Mint Tins are available in 12 popular…

    Minimum order   100

  • Fortune Cookies (180088)

    Promotional Fortune Cookies are a great innovative…

    Minimum order   300

  • Jelly Bean Sweet Pots (182841)

    Promotional Jelly Bean Sweet Pots filled with 20grams…

    Minimum order   250

  • Mini Chocolate Bars 25g (100097)

    Promotional Mini Chocolate Bars 25g made from delicious…

    Minimum order   100

  • Rock Sweets (707236)

    Individually wrapped Rock Sweets, bite sized classics…

    Minimum order   5000

  • 10g Bags of Jelly Bears (191243)

    Promotional 10g Bags of Jelly Bears with 10% fruit…

    Minimum order   3500

  • Maxi Gourmet Jelly Bean Pot (183118)

    Branded Maxi Gourmet Jelly Bean Pot is filled from…

    Minimum order   100

  • Recycled Metal Mint Tins (184108)

    Recycled Metal Mint Tins supplied in a container made…

    Minimum order   100

  • 25g Bags of Sweets (191766)

    Promotional 25g Bags of Sweets can be filled with…

    Minimum order   100

  • 75mm Chocolate Football Medals (195796)

    Promotional 75mm Chocolate Football Medals with space…

    Minimum order   100

  • Express Chocolate Neapolitans (707233)

    These Express Chocolate Neapolitans weigh 5 grams…

    Minimum order   250

  • Fun Size Sweet Pouch (184869)

    Personalised Fun Size Sweet Pouch 50g, an aluminium…

    Minimum order   50

  • Sticks of Rock (871119)

    Classic Sticks of Rock with the message of your choice…

    Minimum order   500

  • Test Tube Sweets (189767)

    Promotional Test Tube Sweets are novel shaped eye-catching…

    Minimum order   100

  • 55g Bags of Sweets (191765)

    Promotional 55g Bags of Sweets can be filled with…

    Minimum order   100

  • 75cl Prosecco Sparkling Wine (192189)

    Promotional 75cl Prosecco Sparkling Wine printed with…

    Minimum order   30

  • Flow Wrapped Mint Imperials (193752)

    Promotional Flow Wrapped Mint Imperials are delicious…

    Minimum order   1200

  • Organza Bags with Mini Eggs (191227)

    Promotional Organza Bags with Mini Eggs are novel,…

    Minimum order   100

  • Premium Lindt Mini Chocolate Bunnies (194297)

    Promotional Premium Lindt Mini Chocolate Bunnies contain…

    Minimum order   50

  • 20g Bags of Popcorn (191739)

    Promotional Bags of Popcorn available in salted or…

    Minimum order   500

  • 75mm Chocolate Medallions (195594)

    Promotional 75mm Chocolate Medallions wrapped in golden…

    Minimum order   100

  • Sweet Tubs (187898)

    Promotional Sweet Tubs are our exclusive plastic confectionary…

    Minimum order   100

Displaying 1-30 of 304 products

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